Why we need Measure V


I’m a strong believer in providing quality education to all kids regardless of their socioeconomic status, but we’re in a desperate fight to make that vision a reality in San Mateo. I experienced it first-hand when my son lost his gifted first-grade teacher in the middle of the school year. Another school district offered more money and recruited her away.

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San Mateo Daily Journal: Yes on Measure V

The failure of Measure Y in March 2017 spelled the end of a 2010 $209 a year parcel tax that provided about $7 million of the San Mateo-Foster City Elementary School District’s $100 million budget.

The district has been aching to get that money back since and have faced some tough choices. Core programs and staffing levels are in peril without the extra revenue and the district is now asking voters for a $298 parcel tax through Measure V. Baked into the measure is money for teacher raises, but exactly how much is still subject to dispute between administrators and the teaching union. If this measure fails, look for the relationship to be further strained. And the end result will be a loss for the primary focus of the school district — which is educating the more than 12,000 students in San Mateo and Foster City.

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San Mateo Daily Journal: School districts seek taxes

Two local school systems are seeking tax measures which advocates claim are essential to stabilize the financial footing of the cash-strapped districts, while tax opponents consider the initiatives unnecessary and undeserved.

The San Mateo-Foster City Elementary School District is seeking to fill a budget gap by gathering support for Measure V, a $298 parcel tax, while the San Bruno Park Elementary School District is aiming to finance a facilities overhaul with pursuit of Measure X, a $79 million bond.

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Support Measure V and an excellent education for all SMFCSD kids