What is Measure V?

Measure V is a parcel tax that the Board of Trustees for the San Mateo-Foster City School District voted to add to the November 6, 2018 ballot.  The Measure needs a 2/3rds majority vote from San Mateo and Foster City voters in order to pass.

Read the text of the Measure here, under the Measure V subheading.

What are the specifics of the Measure?

If passed, Measure V will levy a tax of $298 per parcel per year in San Mateo and Foster City for 9 years. This will generate approximately $10 million per year for the SMFC School District. The tax rate of $298 is pegged to inflation, which means the rate will rise slightly over the Measure's 9-year lifespan.

Seniors can be exempted from this parcel tax.  Visit the San Mateo County Tax Collector Website and click on the menu item for "Seniors" to find out how.

What will Measure V fund?

  • Our teachers are our most valuable asset and a vital part of our community. Measure V will ensure that the District can attract and retain quality teachers and staff.
  • We live in the heart of Silicon Valley. Measure V will support innovative programming, allowing the District to enhance core programs and strengthen science, technology, engineering, and math programs so students are prepared to excel in college and their future careers.
  • We want well-rounded students who are immersed in the arts. Measure V will provide funding for art, music, and drama programs.

Measure V funds CANNOT be used to pay for administrators' salaries, benefits, or pensions.

ARGH! It already costs a fortune to live in the Bay Area! Why are you trying to make me pay more in taxes?

We know it's expensive to live here. It's expensive for our teachers and staff, too. That's why some of the funds raised by Measure V will be spent on increasing teacher and staff salaries.

But, also, California seriously underfunds its public education system. The only way the SMFC School District can raise additional funds to pay for the things our kids need and deserve is with a parcel tax.

Look at it this way:

For the price of a latte and a bagel a week*, you can invest in the future of SMFCSD kids by supporting Measure V.

What happens if Measure V doesn’t pass?

If Measure V fails in November, the Board of Trustees would need to make cuts to the SMFCSD budget.  Given that the School District's projected budget deficit for the 2018-2021 period stands at over $17 million, some teacher and staff positions would likely be eliminated.  Here is a sampling of the budget reduction options the Board of Trustees was presented with in August 2018**:

  • Decreasing library hours
  • Cutting all elementary music programs
  • Reducing the number of school psychologists and middle school counselors
  • Eliminating PE teachers and paraeducators

What will donations to the Measure V campaign fund?

Core campaign costs include campaign mailers, door hangers, yard signs, and events.  Even though we live in the Bay Area, not everyone has access to online information, and we also know that the best way to convince voters of the importance of investing in our kids' education is by giving them tangible sources of information and participating in face-to-face conversations.

*Our math: $298 yearly parcel tax / 52 weeks = about $5.75, or one small coffee with a delicious bagel, per week

**"Potential Budget Reductions for 2019-2020", August 24, 2018 presentation to the SMFCSD Board of Trustees.  Click here to view the presentation in its entirety.

Support Measure V and an excellent education for all SMFCSD kids